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My doctor suggested I go on this so that I could help dissolve my ovarian cysts, help my excruciating periods and of course for pregnancy prevention. Other pills had horrible side effects with my mood, and made me feel worse than ever, but since I've been on Heather (about 6 weeks) I feel great.. no bad moods, my skin has always been bad, so no changes there, my breasts have grown for sure, I'm just starting to spot and cramp mildly, but if that's going to replace my normal excruciating period, than I'm perfectly fine with that. My job is very physically and mentally demanding, and it hasn't affected it, accept maybe my breast tenderness. But I would definitely suggest this.

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I've been on Jolivette for almost a year and it was working fine until now. I had a period that finished 6 days ago that lasted 4 days and I started another one today. Makes no sense to me. I have not missed a single pill. I hope this isn't the way it's going to be from now on because I don't have the time to have a period every six days! Thank goodness my yearly check up is next month.

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